Roller Blinds are simple and stylish when shut yet sleek and discreet when open. They can add a new dimension and wow factor to your space.
Roller blinds are very diverse and are available in a variety of colours and designs to compliment your room.
These blinds are perfect for keeping the sun out in the summer and the warmth in, in the winter, they are easy to use and to keep clean.
Roller blinds can fit close to the window, giving you a clutter free space. A functional mechanism allows you to easily open to your desired height.
These are one of the most popular blinds for blackout.

Senses Roller Blinds are the latest in modern roller blind design. Incorporating a matching fabric covered cassette to store the blind discretely and complete the stylish look.
These are one of the safest blinds on the market today as there are no chains or cords. This blind uses the latest technology to rise and lower to your exact requirement.

Duorol Roller Blinds are double roller blinds. One of the latest ideas in modern roller blind technology. The design allows a single piece of alternating translucent and opaque striped fabric to pass over itself to create ingenious effects with the light. Allowing control over the amount of light entering a room.