Classic Style with long-lasting finishes

Combining superb design with timeless style, the Luxaflex Interior Shutter collection exudes superior craftsmanship to compliment any interior style from classic to modern.

Special shapes

Whether it’s arched, circular or angled windows, Luxaflex® has the answer! Our stylish Shutters are available in a wide range of unique and individual options.

Custom Colour

For that truly individual touch, Custom Colour Luxaflex® Wood Shutters opens up a plethora of colour opportunity, simply provide us with your colour reference.

Luxaflex® Faux Wood Shutters
Long lasting Faux Wood shutters blend the beauty of a real wood look with advanced modern materials to create a stunning and durable window treatment for any room

Luxaflex® Wooden Shutters
In a class all their own, our classic hardwood shutters are crafted from real wood, using dovetail construction for maximum strength and durability. Nature’s design is enhanced with beautiful wood stains and gorgeous paint finishes that create enduring warmth, charm and beauty to your home.

Luxaflex® Vinyl Shutters
Our stunning hard wearing Vinyl Shutters are guaranteed against warping, cracking, fading, chipping, peeling or discolouring, regardless of extreme heat or moisture so the perfect choice for your bathroom, wet room, kitchen or rough and tumble paces like playrooms as the unique if very durable and cleans beautifully.


Full Height Style

Span the entire height of your window creating with full height shutters in a timeless plantation look that works with modern or classic window styles and interiors. Create a sense of grandeur and scale in your living room or dining room with stylish light control.

Full Height

Tier on Tier Style

This style of shutters offers excellent versatility with two separate shutters on the top and bottom with individual operation of light control and privacy when you want it. Close one shutter for privacy during the day but still enjoy all the benefits of natural light, and at night close both for increased privacy and room darkening.

Tier on Tier Style

Café Style

The unique style of a Café Shutters is chip European style where only the bottom part of the window is covered providing you with privacy from the street but leave the top window uncovered for natural day light and a view to the outside. This style is perfect solution if your room is overlooked and for larger windows the shutters can be folded away when not in use.

Cafe Style

Luxaflex® Faux Wood Shutters are expertly hand crafted in the UK and come with a reassuring 10 year guarantee. Luxaflex® Wood Shutters are manufactured to the highest quality and are covered with our Luxaflex® 5 year guarantee Luxaflex® Vinyl Shutters are as equally stunning as they are practical. Luxaflex Vinyl Shutter come with a 25 year guarantee against warping, cracking, fading, chipping, discolouration and peeling.

Luxaflex® Shutters are available in a wide variety of elegant louvre widths, enhancing light control and privacy to ensure your Luxaflex® Shutter is perfect for you.